Jatco/Nissan RE5R05A Solenoid Identification

Valve Body Xpress

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Solenoid Identification

  • N/V: Normally venting
  • N/A: Normally Applied
  • N/C: Normally Closed

Low Coast Solenoid Identification

All Nissan valve bodies use high resistance, low coast solenoids. The Bosch, Nachi and Mitsubishi high resistance solenoids can be freely interchanged. Always check resistance on Infiniti valve bodies to determine the correct low coast solenoid.
Early "Infiniti Only"
(Used until August 2005)

Bosch Type

Nachi Type

Mitsubishi Type
Resistance = 10-15 Ohms. Resistance = 20-40 Ohms. Resistance = 20-40 Ohms. Resistance = 20-40 Ohms.
Brown Plastic at O-Ring Area Black Plastic at O-Ring Area Black Plastic at O-Ring Area White Plastic at O-Ring Area
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