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10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE, B7TA, B7VA, B7YA

Friction Ring

Part No.


Friction Ring
  • Friction Ring


10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE, B7TA, B7VA, B7YA

Friction Ring

Part No. B45200HTE

  • Outer Dia.: 10.000"
  • Inner Dia.: 8.750"
  • Thickness: 0.045"
  • Material: HTE
Friction Ring Selection Guidelines & Bonding Pressure Calculator
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  • Friction Ring

Torque converter clutch material is engineered by the OEMs to operate in conjunction with vehicle computer programming. To meet the varied needs of the aftermarket, Sonnax strives to offer a full line of friction products in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Rebuilders should choose the product that best matches their specific vehicle requirements.

Materials Designed for Slip Converters

  • HTS - Designed for high-thermal capacity applications. Replaces spun-wound, woven or other carbon-based materials.
  • WC - Genuine OE woven carbon material developed by OEMs for continuous slip GM and Ford applications.

Materials Designed for Full Lockup Converters

  • HTE - Thermal capacity of Kevlar®, with improved consistency and shudder resistance.
  • HTL - High thermal and exceptional torque capacity for the most demanding torque-holding applications.
  • XTL - 30% More torque holding capacity than HTL. Available only for a small range of extreme-duty lockup applications.
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Bonding Pressure Diagram

Bonding Pressure Calculator

Enter the details of your bonder's ram/piston and the friction ring you are bonding into the calculator here to find the piston pressure required to create the desired pressure at the ring.

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