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  • Burnt Reverse clutch
  • Delayed Reverse
  • Low line rise in Reverse
  • Low Reverse boost
  • No Reverse
  • Reverse slip


Persistent oscillation of OE steel boost valve within aluminum sleeve results in sleeve bore wear and loss of proper Reverse pressure.


Recover hydraulic control and renew Reverse performance by installing Sonnax reverse boost valve kit.

60-40LE, 60-41SN

Reverse Boost Valve Kit
Part No. 19741-07K

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Vehicles with Aisin AW 60-40LE and 60-41SN transmissions may exhibit insufficient line rise in Reverse, delayed or slipping Reverse, and/or a burnt Reverse clutch. Continuous oscillation of the OE steel boost valve within the aluminum boost sleeve causes premature wear, creating a path for boost pressure to exhaust. Installing Sonnax Reverse boost valve kit 19741-07K returns hydraulic integrity to the boost circuit, reviving normal Reverse operation.

  • Restores proper line rise
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valve combats premature wear
  • Sleeve manufactured from highly wear-resistant aluminum to prevent wear and leakage
  • Valve
  • Sleeve
  • Shims (3) 1 Extra
  • 19741 07k combo
  • 19741 07k

You need this if...

Vacuum testing at the port(s) indicated fails to hold the recommended minimum in-Hg, or if wear is visually detected.

  • 19741 07k test