Automakers Agree to "Right to Repair" Deal

Automakers have agreed to adopt a new "Right to Repair" law (based on the law in Massachusetts) as a national standard.

This law will:

  • Require automakers to make available to repair shops the same vehicle repair information they give to dealers
  • Allow repair shops to purchase that data with an ordinary computer over a standardized, Internet-based service
  • Require automakers to offer a nonproprietary interface for diagnosing problems with vehicles, starting in the 2018 model year

These new rules suggest that, by 2018, independent shops will have access to OE data without having to pay each auto manufacturer for a proprietary interface. Anyone with a standard internet connection can have access to the same data as a dealer for the same price as a dealer. The auto manufacturers agreed to this system rather than face a patchwork of up to 50 state-mandated solutions. This certainly appears to be good news for the independent aftermarket!