NEW! Lockup Clutch Control Plunger Valve Kit

Aisin AW TF-80/81SC and TF-60SN units may suffer from excessive wear at the plunger sleeve in the lockup clutch control valve bore, resulting in a variety of troublesome TCC apply and release complaints. Restore proper clearances and achieve normal operation with the all-new Sonnax lockup clutch control plunger valve kit 15741-53K.

This kit also fits:

  • BMW (6F21WA)
  • Ford (AF21)
  • Landrover (TF80)
  • Mazda (AW6A-EL)
  • Opel (AF40)
  • Peugeot (TF80)
  • Saab (AF40/6)
  • Volvo (AM6)
  • VW/Audi (09G/09K/09M)