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  • Not enough OE washers to properly set end clearance


OEM washers are selective, requiring multiple part numbers to be stocked.


This kit provides a primary washer and thinner selective shims for setting end clearance and more flexibility to properly set endplay.

42RE, 42RH, 46RE, 46RH, 47RE, 47RH, 48RE

Shim Kit
Part No. 12783-01K

Overdrive Set-Up

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Sonnax overdrive shim kit 12783-01K eliminates the need to stock multiple OE selective spacers by providing one .175" thick washer and three .010" thick shims for setting the clearance for proper washer end play.

  • Allows proper set of end clearance.
  • Eliminates need to stock multiple OE spacers.
  • Shims (3)
  • Primary Washer
  • Material: Steel
  • 12783 01k combo
  • 12783 01k