• Throttle buzz
  • 2-3 Late
  • 3-2 Oversensitive
  • Poor kickdown
  • Shift timing concerns


Wear at the inboard/balance circuit causes high throttle pressure and late upshifts. Wear of the OE valve or the bore at the V metering groove circuitcauses sensitive 2-3, 3-2 shift timing. Wear at the sleeve area reduces throttlepressure and causes early shifts.


The Sonnax oversized throttle valve kit restores proper clearances to prevent cross leaking and throttle buzz.

A404, A413, A470, A670

Oversized Throttle Valve Kit
Part No. 32229-01K

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Common complaints with Chrysler FWD 3-speed A404, A413, A470 and A670 units are shift timing concerns, throttle buzz, poor kickdown and/or early upshifts caused by throttle valve and bore wear. These complaints are caused by bore wear and the valve body typically has to be scrapped. Reconditioning the bore and installing Sonnax oversized throttle valvekit 32229-01K salvages the valve body and restores throttle valve control.

  • Throttle plunger, sleeve, and throttle valve are made from hardened steel for better wear resistance and to minimize damage from linkage contact and buzz
  • Kit includes three shims and an alternative TV spring to allow adjustment and tuning of TV pressure
  • Allows salvage of valve body with worn TV bore
  • Plunger
  • Sleeve
  • Valve
  • Alternative TV Spring
  • Shims (3)
  • A404, A413, A470, A670 Oversized Throttle Valve Kit 32229-01K
  • A404, A413, A470, A670 Oversized Throttle Valve Kit 32229-01K