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  • Difficulty obtaining correct preload of idler gear


Normal wear.


This shim kit contains 10 shims .005" thick, which when used in conjunction with the selective spacer, allows the proper preload of .001" to .003" to be acquired.


Part No. 86539-Z5

Idler Gear Assembly , .005" Thick

Package Quantity: 10

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After replacing worn components of the Ford ATX idler gear assembly, it is difficult to obtain the correct preload using the original spacer. It then becomes necessary to replace the selective spacer (which is often hard to acquire), grind the original spacer to size, or somehow shim the assembly. Sonnax offers shim kit 86539-Z5, which contains 10 shims that are .005" thick. The use of these shims, which may be used in conjunction with the selective spacer, allows you to set the proper preload of .001" - .003", or turning torque of 5 to 10 inch lbs.

  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 0.005"
  • Outer Dia.: 1.310"
  • Inner Dia.: 1.005"