July 01, 2013

TASC Force® Meeting

The Sonnax TASC Force® met in June following the 2013 ReMaTec Exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for a new round of discussion about the latest transmission units and worldwide industry developments.

The Sonnax Technical Automotive Specialties Committee (TASC) Force is an international group of expert transmission rebuilders and technicians. Working closely with Sonnax design engineers and technicians, TASC Force members contribute product ideas, test new products, troubleshoot results and get together regularly to listen, discuss and compare findings. Members play an invaluable role in identifying the root causes of transmission problems and supporting the development of cutting-edge Sonnax transmission products for the automotive aftermarket.

Sixteen members from 10 different countries attended the June TASC Force meeting, bringing to the table a great deal of excitement and ideas for new transmission solutions.

"It's always a pleasure getting together and reconnecting with the great group of people that make up the TASC Force,” stated Maura Stafford, Sonnax Transmission Specialties Product Line Manager.  “Their enthusiasm for helping us develop fixes for problems, as well as their depth of knowledge, is truly inspiring.”

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