November 18, 2014

NEW! GM Pressure Switch Rebuild Kits

GM 6L45/50/80/90 and first generation 6T70/75 transmissions often exhibit various trouble codes, TCC apply problems and shift irregularities related to the transmission electro-hydraulic control module (TEHCM). Previously, the only solution was to replace the entire TEHCM.

Sonnax to the rescue! Now, you can salvage the TEHCM while effectively restoring normal switch operation, eliminating codes and providing renewed shift performance in all ranges with the innovative Sonnax pressure switch rebuild master pack, installation tool kit or rebuild kit. Correct installation is quick and easy to achieve with the new, Sonnax patent pending tools!

Pressure Switch Rebuild Master Pack 124740-28K

Pressure Switch Installation Tool Kit 124740-TL30 

Pressure Switch Rebuild Kit 124740-30K 

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