June 01, 2012

Sonnax Hosts International TASC Force® Meeting

Sonnax tasc tour

Forty-seven members of the Sonnax TASC Force® gathered May 7 and 8 in Vermont to discuss current and future challenges facing the aftermarket transmission industry. Sonnax was pleased to host the meeting for the first time in many years at its company headquarters in Bellows Falls.

"This year's TASC meeting was very exciting for all of us here at Sonnax," said Mark Kaplan, Sonnax Transmission Specialties Product Line Manager. "It gave us the opportunity to showcase all of the improvements that we have made at our facilities in Vermont."

The Sonnax Technical Automotive Specialties Committee (TASC) Force is an international group of expert transmission rebuilders and technicians with a hands-on understanding of the latest units and industry developments. Working closely with Sonnax design engineers and technicians, TASC Force members contribute product ideas, test new designs and troubleshoot results, then meet on a regular basis to compare findings. Members play an invaluable role in identifying the root causes of transmission problems and supporting the development of Sonnax transmission products for the automotive aftermarket.

The two-day meeting started with tours of the Sonnax Distribution and Technical Center and nearby corporate headquarters, which includes office, manufacturing and quality control facilities. Technical roundtable discussions followed, during which TASC members from 18 shops shared feedback from the field.

"We continue to get new product ideas from the group which includes the need for electronics and solutions for late-model transmissions as well as a host of converter items," said Kaplan.

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