June 01, 2022

TCRA Announces Sonnax Credit for Members

The Torque Converter Rebuilder’s Association (TCRA) is pleased to announce that Rebuilder Members in good standing will each receive a $200 credit from Sonnax. The credit can be used towards their existing Sonnax account or towards future purchase.

“I was pleasantly surprised when Sonnax offered this direct award to our Rebuilder Members,” said Mike Cargill, President of TCRA. “TCRA has a variety of benefits we already provide, and this one-time offer from Sonnax is really icing on the cake! Sonnax has always stepped up to support our association and the industry at large, and this is just another example.” 

“Sonnax is the foremost provider of components to torque converter rebuilders,” said Steve Boyer, President of Sonnax. “TCRA quickly suspended the monthly dues for their members when the pandemic first hit, and it inspired us to look for ways to lend a hand as well. With business ramping up beyond pre-COVID levels, we hope this effort helps Rebuilder Members serve their customers in these challenging times.” 

The Torque Converter Rebuilder’s Association is a nonprofit trade association that supports and promotes torque converter rebuilding around the world. TCRA strives for better communication between its members, the torque converter industry in general, and the wider ranging transmission and powertrain industry. Learn more about TCRA at www.tcraonline.com.


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