No one knows transmissions & torque converters like


No one knows transmissions & torque converters like 2008-sonnax-logo-white



Torque Converter

Torque Converter

High Performance

High Performance



Ring Gear Stabilizer Kit

Ring Gear Stabilizer Kit
Supports the ring gear, eliminating vibrations at high speeds and broken Reverse friction plates in Powerglide® racing transmissions.


Chromoly Slip Yokes
New Chromoly 1350 series slip yokes deliver superior strength and durability.

Input Drum Reinforcement Kit

Oil Pan Kit
New Powerglide® kit provides two extra quarts of oil capacity without sacrificing ground clearance.

Vacuum test guides

Vacuum Test Guides are a great tool for Valve Body Vacuum Testing

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Isolator Valve Spring

Ford 6F50/6F55, GM 6T70/6T75 (Gen. 1) Isolator Valve Spring

6F35 Zip Kit

Ford 6F35
Zip Kit®

Forward Clutch Drum

Ford 4R70W, 4R70E, 4R75W, 4R75E Forward Clutch Drum

Impeller Hub

Ford 6F35 Flanged Impeller Hub

Thrust Washer

GM AHS-T (2ML70) Thrust Washer

Bearing Adapter

Ford 6R140 26-Element Sprag

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