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  • Code 1582
  • Falls out of lockup
  • No lockup
  • Engine stall on engagement
  • Engine shudder on engagement


Wear at the TCC apply valve bore in the valve body allows converter clutch apply oil to exhaust.


This oversized valve and TCC boost assembly prevents apply pressure leakage and restores proper converter clutch control.

01M, 01N, 01P

Oversized TCC Apply Valve Kit
Part No. 119940-04K

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Continuous stroking of the TCC apply valve can create excessive valve body wear, and allow converter apply pressure to leak to exhaust. This prevents proper engagement of the torque converter clutch, and can result in loss of TCC apply, engine stall, overheating conditions, or a 1582 code. Sonnax has developed an oversized TCC apply valve that allows the valve body to be refurbished, restoring the hydraulic integrity of the circuit.

  • Kit includes an increased ratio TCC boost valve assembly to work with the oversized apply valve. Valve has an identification groove on it. (Do not use the previous OE ratio boost valve.)
  • A replacement TCC apply spring is included, since the original spring is frequently broken
  • Valve
  • Boost Assembly
  • Spring
  • 119940 04k combo
  • 119940 04k