Powerglide 1.80 Extreme Gear Set

Part No.


Powerglide 1.80 Extreme Gear Set
  • Powerglide 1.80 Extreme Gear Set



Powerglide 1.80 Extreme Gear Set

Part No. 180S3-K

  • 1.80 Ratio Planetary Ring Gear
  • Flanged Front Sun Gear 12-Tooth
  • Rear Sun Gear
  • Long Pinion Gears (3)
  • Short Pinion Gears (3)

1.80 Ratio, 12-Tooth

  • Ratio: 1.80
  • Flange Tooth Count: 12
  • Gear Process Level: Extreme

Extreme gear sets from Sonnax include Advanced Process sun gears and pinions made to the same exacting standards used on Formula 1, Nascar and other high-end professional racing circuits. Advanced Process parts undergo an additional three-step process that allows for greater durability and higher levels of performance.

  1. Cryogenic tempering to ultra-low temperatures (-350°F) for an even denser, more uniform gear with a tough and wear-resistant structure.
  2. Shot peening for increased gear resistance to fatigue failure, cracking or galling.
  3. Super-finish to reduce friction, vibration, noise and wear on the gear, potentially tripling the life of the part.

Each gear set includes a flanged sun gear and a ring gear. The flange is machined from billet, not a stamped piece. The flange is broached and matched to the sun gear for a precise press fit that does not require welding.

  • I run a Sonnax 1.80 straight cut gear set and have had no problems or issues, plan on purchasing another real soon for another car we are putting together. Thanks Sonnax for the reliability and durability in your product.”

    R. Merrill
    Affordable Transmission
    Brooklyn Park, MN

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