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  • Damaged valve body casting
  • Low line pressure
  • Delayed Drive
  • Delayed Reverse


Valve and/or bore wear due to linkage side loads and/or extended service life.


Ream the bore oversize and install oversized manual valve.


Oversized Manual Valve
Part No. 36940-11

Sonnax valve fits all 5R110W units. It replaces OE valves with OR without holes in long spool.

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  • Salvages valuable valve bodies
  • Restores OE manual valve function
  • Sonnax hard-coat anodized aluminum valve maintains tight bore/valve clearances after thermal expansion
  • Simple reaming process keeps work in-shop
  • 36940 11 combo
  • 36940 11

You need this if...

A visual inspection indicates wear at the low/reverse clutch circuits (the land between the two most outboard circuits), or wear at the line pressure/direct clutch circuits (the land between the two most inboard circuits). Obvious wear of the valve spools at the locations discussed above indicates wear in the bore.