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  • Burnt Forward clutch
  • No 4th
  • Coastdown Neutral after 4th gear
  • No Forward


Forward control valve is bent or sticking from the stem, smashing into the retainer clip.


Resize the bore with this sizing tool and install the modified valve with multiple improved features.

4F50N, AX4N

Forward Control Valve Kit
Part No. 96206-07K

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The front stem of the aluminum OE forward control valve bangs against the steel retaining clip when stroked. The force of this constant banging often causes the valve to warp and seize in the bore, as well as breaking the OE clip. No valve movement can result in a neutralling-out complaint, no 4th gear or a burned forward clutch. The Sonnax forward control valve 96206-07K corrects these problems.

  • Sturdier front spool on valve provides more than twice the spool-to-bore contact area.
  • Design prevents valve warpage and/or seizure.
  • Annular grooves are added to the spools to properly center the valve and prevent leakage.
  • Bore can be quickly and easily resized using the Sonnax bore sizing tool 96206-BST.

Although this valve does not require a reamer, use of the bore sizing tool is highly recommended. Currently 96206-BST is no longer in production but may be available from distributor inventory.

  • Valve
  • Regulating Spring
  • Retainer Clip
  • Bumper Spring

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Ford AX4N/4F50N Valve Body Layout

Ford ax4n 450n

  • 96206 07k combo
  • 96206 07k