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Flange Yoke

Part No.


Flange Yoke
  • Flange Yoke


Flange Yoke

Part No. T2-2-1309A

  • Bolt Count: 4
  • Bolt Circle Dia.: 3.203"
  • Weight (lbs): 0.940 lbs
  • Bolt Hole Dia.: 0.440"
  • Flange Face to Centerline: 1.780"
  • Pilot Type: M
  • Driveline Series: 1310
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Sonnax T2-2-1309A high performance aluminum flange yokes are forged from 6061-T6 aluminum, and precision machined in our VT, USA manufacturing facility. These high-performance yokes are stronger than OE style cast steel yokes, while also offering 47% weight savings. This flange yoke fits multiple applications, with a 1.97" (male) pilot hole, 3.2" bolt circle, and 1310 series u-joint.

  • Flange Yoke
  • Sonnax Driveline

Flange Yokes

Lightweight Flange Yokes

  • Precision machined to be stronger than OE cast steel yokes
  • Unrivaled concentricity for exceptional balance & minimal runout
  • Superior craftsmanship & finish complement a show-quality driveline

Adaptor Flange Yokes

  • Custom flange makes it easy to convert a two-piece driveline to one-piece U-joint style driveline
  • Unique flanges offer increased strength & durability while reducing future maintenance costs
  • Available with 3, 6 and 8 bolt holes

What vehicles do these flanges fit?

Measure bolt circle diameter as well as pinion and output flange bolt hole diameters to determine if these yokes will fit your build.

  1. U-Joint Series
  2. Bolt Hole Dia.
  3. Bolt Circle Dia.
  4. Pilot Style
  5. Flange Face to Centerline

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