Solenoid (NL)

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OE Part No: BC3Z-7G383R

Solenoid (NL)
  • Solenoid (NL)

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Solenoid (NL)

Part No. 126421-NLR

OE Part No: BC3Z-7G383R

Can only be used to replace normally low (NL) solenoids with identification band number 1.

Sonnax offers direct replacement OE solenoid 126421-NLR for use in TCC, 1-2-3-4, 2-6 or 1-R solenoid locations in Ford 6R140 transmissions.

Ford 6R140 Solenoid Application Chart
Sonnax P/N Calibration Band Number Locations
126421-NHJ Normally High (NH) Band No. 1 LPC, 3-5-R ("B"), 4-5-6 ("E")
126422-NHK Normally High (NH) Band No. 2 LPC, 3-5-R ("B"), 4-5-6 ("E")
126425-NHN Normally High (NH) Band No. 5 LPC, 3-5-R ("B"), 4-5-6 ("E")
126421-NLR Normally Low (NL) Band No. 1 TCC, 1-2-3-4 ("A"), 2-6 ("C"), 1-R ("D")
126425-NLV Normally Low (NL) Band No. 5 TCC, 1-2-3-4 ("A"), 2-6 ("C"), 1-R ("D")

Band number of Sonnax solenoid MUST match that of OE solenoid, or shift calibration concerns will result.

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