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6R60 Remanufactured Valve Body ('06-'09)

 Part No. FZR60


TCM is NOT included! Please review our technical information notice entitled "Electrostatic Discharge" BEFORE servicing this!

Torque Specs

Torque bolts in sequence shown to 53 in-lbs

DO NOT touch the TCM pins or solenoid connectors.

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Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part Number
FZR60 6R60
FZR75 6R75
FZR80 6R80


It is difficult to identify a 6R60 from a 6R75 or 6R80 without disassembling the valve body because all three look identical from the outside. To correctly identify the transmission/valve body type that you require, look on the Vehicle Certification Label, located on the driver's door. Find the code letter/number under the "TR".

Sample Vehicle Certification Label & Key

Identification Key

TR Code Unit
X 6R60
C 6R75
6 6R80
F ZF6HP26*
G ZF6HP26*
*F code applies only to '05 Navigator, G code applies to all other ZF6HP26 years.

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