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Faster tougher stronger

Powerglide Planetary Assemblies

Optimized Performance Guarantees You Never Overpay or Underspec

Available fully assembled in four ratios and three performance levels, Sonnax planetary assemblies are the #1 choice of racers that demand outstanding performance and reliability.

Sonnax gear sets are a big step up from standard case-hardened and tempered varieties. High-quality materials combined with an advanced heat-treating process results in incredibly tough, wear-resistant gears.

Build the PERFECT Powerglide

Sonnax makes it easy to dial in options and select the perfect Powerglide planetary assembly or grear set.

Learn about the levels Create your build


Affordable Upgrade for Budget Builds


Extra Durability for Demanding Applications


Highest Quality Planetary Assemblies in the World

From carrier and output shaft to gears and thrust washers, every Extreme assembly component is refined for maximum durability. The ring gears are even pre-drilled for the Sonnax stabilizer system to prevent vibration and broken Reverse friction plates.

Extreme Gears for Extreme Performance

To greatly improve the life of Extreme gear sets, the sun and pinion gear undergo the same advanced processing as assemblies developed for Formula 1, NASCAR® and other high-end professional racing circuits:

Advanced Process gears undergo a three-step process that takes aftermarket performance gear manufacturing to a whole new level:

Shaft group


Track-Proven to 1,500 HP


Track-Proven to 2,000 HP


Track-Proven to 3,000 HP

Sonnax Warranty 1 Year (Gears Only) 2 Years (Gears Only) 2 Years (Gears & Shaft)
Gear Material 9310 Suns
8620 Pinions
9310 Suns
9310 Pinions
9310 Suns
8620 Pinions
Gear Process Premium Premium Advanced (Learn More)
Shaft Material Long Shaft = 4340
Short Shaft = HY-Tuf
Long Shaft = 4340
Short Shaft = HY-Tuf
Shaft Splines Cut Spline Cut Spline Rolled Spline
Thrust Washers OE Steel-Backed PTFE Steel-Backed PTFE
Ring Gear Standard Standard Maximum Duty

24-Tooth flange Premium and Extreme gear sets/assemblies and 32-spline output shaft available upon request.

1.58 Ratio – The Powerglide Revolution is Here

Eliminate the hassle & expense of changing to a TH400 for a lower ratio!

The Sonnax 1.58 delivers tunable control for Powerglides right at the start, when tire grip can make or break a race. This one-of-a-kind planetary is a PROVEN winner, featuring supreme Sonnax quality and design that's broken record after record against fierce track competition.

Advanced Process Gears

Sonnax 1.58 Ratio gear sets come with Extreme 9310 Advanced Process gears, a quality level typically found in high-end professional racing circuits.

Increased Holding Capacity

Reverse clutch with increased active radius delivers more holding capacity when the trans-brake is activated.

Upgraded Shafts & Washers

  • 300M shafts with rolled splines.
  • High-strength, steel-backed, PTFE-coated pinion thrust and rear sun gear washers.

Easy to Install

  • Direct replacement, requires no special assembly or case mods.
  • Bolt-together carrier for ease of service.
Watch one racer’s world record-breaking runs with the 1.58 on YouTube