No one knows transmissions & torque converters like


No one knows transmissions & torque converters like 2008-sonnax-logo-white

Three types of PTS Units

Power Train Savers®

Power Train Savers® are patented drivetrain protection devices which mount into an existing driveshaft. Once installed, these unique devices protect the drivetrain from over-torque damage that can ruin differentials, gears, axles and driveshafts. With a Power Train Saver unit installed, you won't notice a difference in performance until you encounter an over-torque situation. Then, our precisely calibrated Torque Fuses® shear before drivetrain damage occurs, while the unit design holds the driveshaft in place.

Stop axle, differential and driveshaft damage with lifetime drivetrain over-torque protection from Sonnax!

Watch this demonstration video to learn how Power Train Savers® can help you:

  • Eliminate damage to gears and driveshafts
  • Avoid costly repairs to drivetrain components
  • Eliminate roadside and repair shop downtime

Light Duty Series

4 inch PTS Unit

Torque Capacity 1,500 – 4,500 ft-lb

Fits 2" and 2½" driveshafts.

Typically used for industrial or agricultural purposes and recreational vehicle applications.

Medium Duty Series

6 inch PTS Unit

Torque Capacity 2,000 – 8,500 ft-lb

Fits 3", 3 ½" and 4" driveshafts.

Typically used on single axle, light- and medium-duty trucks.

Heavy Duty Series

8 inch PTS Unit

Torque Capacity 5,500 – 25,500 ft-lb

Fits 3 ½", 4", 4 ½" and 5" driveshafts.

Primarily used on multi-axle, Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks.

Light Duty PTS Units Medium Duty PTS Units Heavy Duty PTS Units Light Duty Torque Fuses Medium Duty Torque Fuses Heavy Duty Torque Fuses

Heavy Duty Towing Disconnect

The innovative design of this dual purpose device offers all the great benefits of a Power Train Saver, plus the ability to tow disabled vehicles without having to pull axles or the driveshaft.

Heavy Duty Towing Disconnect

Industrial Series

Torque Capacity 5,500 – 35,000+ ft-lb

The Power Train Savers industrial series is designed to withstand constant use in extreme environments and protect power driven units and operators from the dangers of accidental over-torque. Each self-contained unit is custom built to specific torque and driveline requirements, and the variety of torque fuse options allow for fine-tuning to optimal torque range. If over-torque occurs, the calibrated torque fuses snap safely and cleanly to stop the shaft. Getting equipment back up and working is as simple as replacing the fuses – there are no damaged parts to repair or clean up.

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Marine Series

Torque Capacity 5,500 – 35,000+ ft-lb

Power Train Saver units for marine applications bolt directly into the output gear flange. In situations of prop bottoming, debris or cable contact, the calibrated torque fuses shear to immediately stop the prop, preventing damage to the prop as well as the transmission, gear and drivelines. These specially designed devices excel at protecting ferries, luxury boats, tug and “push” boats operating in extreme river and ocean environments.

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