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No one knows transmissions & torque converters like 2008-sonnax-logo-white

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Increase Your Torque Capacity with Sonnax Multi-Plate Converter Clutch Kits

To upgrade the torque converter, Sonnax offers heavy duty multi-plate converter clutch kits with all the components needed to build a complete piston/damper assembly tuned to your specifications.

  • Utilizes three high thermal, high-torque capacity friction elements
  • Improved oil flow across clutch plates
  • Improved spring end caps prevent over-compression
  • Reduced overall weight
  • Clear step-by-step instructions for easy installation
  • Increased strength cover
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Nobody knows torque converters like Sonnax.

Sonnax is the world's leading supplier of aftermarket torque converter components for domestic, import, industrial, racing and heavy-duty converters. Our extensive selection of parts combines the latest in automotive technology with outstanding reliability, performance and durability for long-lasting, trouble-free rebuilds.


Sonnax Racekits

Sonnax 8" and 10" non-lockup racekits are popular with converter rebuilders supplementing their stock rebuild with performance units for drag, sand rail, rock climbing, swamp buggy and mud racing.

New for 2014 – Fully Machined Front Covers!

Sonnax racekits traditionally featured partially machined front covers, with much of the outer face remaining as forged. In response to many requests from rebuilders to offer fully machined covers, Sonnax is pleased to announce this upgrade is now being implemented for all the 8" and 10" racekits.

Sonnax also will be pressing bushings into place on all covers except that found in the FD-RK-1 so that rebuilders no longer need to spend time on this step.

Stay Ahead of the Pack with Sonnax Racekits

  • Fully machined cover with bushing installed
  • Unit-specific design for hassle-free installation
  • Oil flow grooves and holes increase fluid flow to keep converters running cooler
  • Turbine hub features a larger flanged diameter to increase strength and rigidity of the turbine.
  • Clear, detailed instructions

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Upgraded Racekits

These racekits are already available with fully machined front covers.

Application Part No.
10" Racekit AOD FD-RK-1
10" Racekit C4 10" & 11" FD-RK-3
10" Racekit C4 11" FD-RK-4
10" Racekit C6 FD-RK-9
10" Racekit 4L60 GM-RK-9
27 Spline
30 Spline
10" Racekit Powerglide®, 350, 400 GM-RK-1
30 Spline
Small Bolt Pattern
17 Spline
8" Racekit 350 & 400 GM-RK-2

New Parts

Rivet Rivet

Sonnax piston/damper assembly rivet GM-RV-11 is for use in GM 6L80, 6L90 (300mm) converters. Each rebuild requires six rivets.

  • Shank Dia.: 0.235"
  • Length: 0.414"
  • Head dia.: 0.300"
  • Rivet Type: Solid
  • Rivet Head: Flat
Seal Seal

Sonnax seal TO-O-14 replaces worn or damaged seal rings in Toyota U660E converters which utilize a scarf cut piston seal.

  • Width: 0.091"
  • Height: 0.064"
  • Outer Dia.: 1.255"
  • Material: PTFE
  • Color: Black
  • Seal Style: Scarf cut
Spring End Cap Spring End Cap

Sonnax spring end cap HO-WS-1 replaces worn or damaged end caps in Honda B7TA, B7VA, B7YA Odyssey converters.

Damper Spring Damper Spring

Sonnax damper spring HO-SD-1 replaces fatigued or broken heavy springs in Honda B7TA, B7VA, B7YA Odyssey converters.

  • Wire Dia.: 0.122"
  • Length: 1.536"
  • Outer Dia.: 0.588"
Rivet Rivet

Sonnax spring retainer rivets HO-RV-1 are used with Sonnax spring retainer HO-RS-1 to replace the heavy spring retainers in Honda B7TA, B7VA, B7YA Odyssey converters.

  • Head dia.: 0.220"
  • Length: 0.380"
  • Shank Dia.: 0.113"
  • Rivet Type: Solid
  • Rivet Head: round
Spring Retainer Spring Retainer

Sonnax spring retainer HO-RS-1 is a direct replacement for fatigued or broken spring retainers in Honda B7TA, B7VA, B7YA Odyssey converters.

Rivet Rivet

Sonnax solid rivet VW-RV-3 is used when replacing damaged turbine hubs and/or rebuilding turbine damper assemblies in Jatco JF506E (VW 09A) converters. Each rebuild requires 10 of these rivets.

  • Shank Dia.: 0.202"
  • Head dia.: 0.385"
  • Length: 0.627"
  • Rivet Type: Solid
  • Rivet Head: Flat
Turbine Hub Turbine Hub

Sonnax turbine hub VW-HT-4HS replaces worn or damaged turbine hubs in Jatco JF506E (VW 09A) converters. The hub’s 20-tooth internal spline is heat-treated for durability.

  • Made...

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    • Material: Steel
    • Internal Spline Teeth: 20
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