ZF6 Valve Body Separator Plate Application Chart


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Valve Body Separator Plate Application Chart

The plates are not specific by transmission model, but rather by valve body code and also by the stamped number.

OE Valve Body Code Number Stamped on Original Plate Order Sonnax Part Number Valve Body Generation
E510F 6L2P-7Z490-FC or 6L2P-7Z490-FB 95740-510** Ford 6R60
A035/B035 1068-327-141 95740-035 ZF6HP19/26/32 (Gen. 1)
A036/B036 1068-327-145 95740-051*
A046/B046 1068-327-162 95740-046
A047/B047 1068-327-163 95740-047
A051/B051 1068-327-179 95740-051*
A052/B052 1068-327-180 95740-052
A053/B053 1068-327-189 95740-053
A063/B063 1068-327-210 95740-063 ZF6HP21/28/34 (Gen. 2)
A065/B065 1068-327-224 95740-065

*Sonnax valve body plate 95740-051 is a direct replacement for both OE valve body codes A036/B036 and A051/B051, due to supercession by ZF.
**Sonnax valve body plate 95740-510 is a replacement for OE plates stamped with part number 6L2P-7Z490-FB or 6L2P-7Z490-FC.

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