5L40/50-E Valve Body Identification

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Part Number Chart

Part Number
Plate Codes
5L40-E, '98-'01, Gas Only
008, 066, 068, 275, 614, 789, 801, 811 or 954 (789 & 275 may be either '98-'01 or -'02-Later)
GM070 5L40-E, '02-Later, Gas Only
275, 378 or 789 (789 & 275 may be either '98-'01 or -'02-Later)
GM072 5L50-E, '04-Later
BMW010 BMW Diesel 5L40-E
375, 602, 614 or 809
GM071 Range Rover 3.0 Diesel 5L40-E 376, 659 or 802

Plate Code Identification

The Range Rover 3.0 diesel has different accumulator size and spring strength than the BMW version. Using the wrong valve body will cause driveability problems, including harsh shifts that will not adapt.

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