5R55S/W Valve Body Identification

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Part Number Chart

Part Number Description
F035 '09-Later

In 2009, Ford made changes to the casting, rough forging number location and worm tracks of this valve body. Hole sizes were reduced in the VFS1 & VFS2 oil circuits in the separator plate.

Rough Forging Identification

The red arrow indicates the location of the rough forging number for '01-'08 units. The green arrow indicates the location of the '09-later units.

Rough Forging Numbers:
  • '01-'08: RF1L2P 7A101GA or RF5L2P 7A101CA
  • '09-Later: RF9L2P 7A101AA

Worm Track & Separator Plate Changes

Red arrows indicate where the worm tracking has changed
Yellow circles indicate where changes occurred in the separator plate

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