TF-60SN, 09G Solenoid Identification & Connector Pin Out

Valve Body Xpress

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It is common for the internal harness to be incorrectly connected to the solenoids. This is normally due to crossing wires to the N88 and N99 solenoids, causing no 4th, 5th, 6th or Reverse.
  • Solenoids N88 and N89 are normally closed on/off solenoids (indicated by the green arrows) powered by the TCM and ground through the body of the solenoid. The rest are linear solenoids.
  • K1, K2, B1 and K3 are adjuster locations (indicated by the brown arrows).

Positive Pin
Negative Pin
N88 or Sol. 1 10-16 Ohms 1
Closed On/Off
N89 or Sol. 2 10-16 Ohms 2
Closed On/Off
N90 or Sol. 3 4-8 Ohms 7
K3 Clutch
N91 or Sol. 4 / TCC 4-8 Ohms 11
N92 or Sol. 5 4-8 Ohms 3
K1 Clutch
N93 or Sol. 6 / EPC 4-8 Ohms 13
Line Pressure
N282 or Sol. 9 4-8 Ohms 5
K2 Clutch
N283 or Sol. 10 4-8 Ohms 9
B1 Clutch

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