09G, TF-60SN Clearing & Relearning Shift Adapts

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The 09G is an adaptive learn transmission. The TCM can adapt the upshift and downshift pressures for each shift as well as the initial engagement into drive and reverse. Whenever the transmission is rebuilt or the valve body is changed, the shift adapts should be cleared and the vehicle should be driven to relearn the new adapts.

Clearing the shift adapts

The preferred way is to use a factory scan tool or equivalent to return the shift adapts to basic settings. Some Volkswagen vehicles, like the Beetle and Passat, will clear by turning the ignition to off, waiting 30 seconds and then disconnecting the harness connector from the TCM.

When TCM cannot be easily located, this is an alternative method for clearing shift adapts. Turn off ignition for 30 seconds, then disconnect power to TCM by removing both fuses at the same time. The Audi TT, VW Beetle and Jetta fuses are located in fuse panel to the left of instrument panel. On a Passat, one fuse is in SC panel (left of instrument panel) and one is in SB Panel (in engine compartment). Please refer to the photos below to locate correct fuses to remove. There are two different SB Panels for the VW Passat. Please choose the one that applies to your vehicle application.

Audi TT & VW Beetle VW Passat SB Panel (May, 2005-Earlier) VW Passat SB Panel (May 2005-Later) VW Passat SC Panel VW Jetta
Fuse Panel - Left side of instrument panel
SB Fuse Panel - Located in engine compartment
SB Fuse Panel - Located in engine compartment SC Fuse Panel - Left side of instrument panel
Fuse Panel - Left side of instrument panel
  • #15 (5 Amp)
  • #31 (20 Amp)
  • #1 (5 Amp)
  • #24 in the SC Fuse Panel
  • #6 (15 Amp)
  • #24 in the SC Fuse Panel
  • #24
  • SB Fuse
  • #14 (10 Amp)
  • #30 (20 Amp)
  • #14 (5 Amp)
  • #39 (20 Amp)

The moment power is removed from TCM, shift adapts reset to basic setting. Once cleared, vehicle must be driven to relearn the new shift adapts.

Relearning the new shift adapts:

After clearing, the vehicle must be brought to operating temperature and driven to relearn the shift adapts:

  • Clear any trouble codes and check to see if they come back.
  • Drive the vehicle at about 20% throttle angle up through the gears.
  • Once in sixth gear release throttle and allow at least 20 seconds to come to a complete stop.
  • Repeat this cycle 15-20 times.

The car may require more driving to fine tune the shift feel. Research has shown that the 09G may need to be driven continually for 35 to 50 minutes, up and down the gears, to completely relearn the shift adapts. If after this time the shift quality is not acceptable, the clutch control valves may need to be adjusted. Please contact our technical support staff for proper clutch control valve adjustments if needed.


  1. If the transmission has a delay or harsh reverse engagement, hold your foot on the brake pedal until completely finished relearning reverse or drive engagement, move shifter to reverse, wait 3 seconds then move back to neutral and wait 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times and the engagement feel should be about normal.
  2. VW warns that during the learning process, shift quality may deteriorate before it gets better.
  3. TCM will not relearn the shift adapts when codes are present or if the transmission is not at operating temperature.

The TCM has a safety feature that requires the brake pedal to be depressed until the transmission gear that is selected has engaged. If brake pedal is released before the transmission engages, the TCM will command neutral and the PRNDL lights will flash until the brake pedal in depressed and the transmission engages. Once it engages the PRNDL lights will stop flashing.

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