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Bearing Adapter

Part No.


Bearing Adapter
  • Bearing Adapter



Bearing Adapter

Part No. TO-WA-16

  • Outer Dia.: 3.337"
  • Inner Dia.: 1.466"
  • Functional Thickness: 0.206"
  • Total Thickness: 0.291"
  • Outer Notch Count: 4
  • Material: Aluminum

Sonnax offers aluminum stator cap/bearing adapter TO-WA-16 for use on both impeller- and turbine-side in Toyota A340H and A340E units. Adapter TO-WA-16 along with thrust bearing CH-N-1 replace the impeller-side bearing, bearing race and stator cap, while adapter TO-WA-16 plus thrust bearing JA-N-7 replace the turbine-side OE bearing, bearing race and stator cap.

Improved performance over the OE bearing assembly.


For impeller-side replacement, the bearing-side pocket diameter of the impeller hub needs to be enlarged to 2.827"/2.835" for the CH-N-1 bearing to fit.

For turbine-side replacement, the height of the outer wall of the turbine hub bearing pocket needs to be reduced by .020" for proper clearance when using the JA-N-7 bearing.