Impeller Hub

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Impeller Hub
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Impeller Hub

Part No. TO-90-25G

  • Assembled Height: 1.875"
  • Height: 2.060"
  • Journal Dia.: 1.499"
  • Flange Outer Dia.: 3.250"
  • Hub Mount: Flanged
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Pump Drive Style: Slots

Sonnax flanged impeller hub TO-90-25G can be used to replace worn or damaged hubs in Toyota A340H converters.

Featuring an oversized bearing pocket, TO-90-25G is specifically designed and machined for use with Sonnax thrust bearing CH-N-1 and bearing adapter TO-WA-16. This combination of parts adds durability to the impeller-side bearing assembly over the OE bearing and bearing race, and eliminates the rework needed with Sonnax TO-90-5G or OE impeller hubs.