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A 48RE core must be returned to your distributor for proper credit.


Converted Valve Body
Part No. CHR135


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Can be used for slight performance upgrade on 46RE and 47RE applications.

Cores for Chrysler light-to-medium-duty trucks are scarce and often modified beyond repair. Patent-pending innovation allows Sonnax to convert plentiful early-model RE Chrysler cores to premium-quality 48REs.

  • 100% tested to ensure pressure curves and timing match 48RE OE design.
  • Great for pressure and lockup upgrades in 46/47RE.
  • Refurbished and improved with Sonnax parts.

Valve body part improvements include:

  • Sonnax manual valve
  • Sonnax oversized throttle valve kit
  • Sonnax valve body detent ball and sleeve kit
  • Sonnax oversized 4-spool switch valve
  • Sonnax oversized lube regulated PR valve and line/TV pressure plug kit
  • Patent-pending pressure curve components
  • Patent-pending lockup conversion components
  • 3-4 accumulator spring
  • New governor pressure solenoid
  • New governor pressure sensor

If using in a 46/47RE application, a triple-plate converter must be used.

  • Valve Body
  • Manual Valve
  • Detent Ball .363" dia.

Valve Body to Case Torque Specs: 100 in-lbs

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  • Chr135

Chrysler 48RE Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part Number Description
CHR135 48RE Converted Valve Body, '03-Later


48RE Valve bodies have a closed casting in the indicated location below. The spring will not be visible. Note: Some 47REs also have a closed casting. Check the ID number for the large separator plate. The number for the CHR135 is 27.