The Benefits of Progressive Pressure

Sonnax Booster Kit
= Responsive, Variable (Progressive) Increase

Other Aftermarket Kits
= Unresponsive, Steady (Linear) Increase

For an in-depth look at raising line pressure, read The Prescription for Optimum Pressure.

Graph showing the long term effectiveness of Sonnax Line Pressure Booster Kits

See what people are saying about Line Pressure Booster Kits:

We used the 4T65E-LB1 in several doesn't give harsh shifts, just a little something extra. Very nice product and I highly recommend it."

D. Tucker
Tucker's Transmission
Pine Bluff, AZ

Use the Sonnax 4L60E-LB1 progressive boost will put a smile on your customer's face."

D. Stewart
Dan's Service Center
Cliff, NM

I just received my line pressure booster for my 2012 Ram and wow! The CPU gets the new pressure signal very fast...30 seconds of slow-medium driving...and when I floor it....yihaaa! It shifts aggressively and I can feel the tranny grab the clutches with more power when it changes gear...great product! Thumbs up!!!"

J. Martel
Senneterre, Québec, Canada

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