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  • The need for a quick, easy & repeatable method to test valve & bore wear


Conventional shop tools are not practical for measuring a variety of bore sizes and uneven wear. Other tests are subjective with inconsistent results.


Sonnax offers a vacuum test stand kit for quick, easy and repeatable measurements when checking for worn bores and confirming repairs.

Vacuum Test Stand Kit
Part No. VACTEST-01K

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Vacuum testing is an efficient way to evaluate valve and valve body wear. A worn valve or valve body bore can result in incorrect pressures in the transmission, which may lead to poor performance or failure of the transmission. In order to determine if a valve/bore is worn, or to make sure a valve repair has been performed correctly, the proper vacuum testing equipment is required. Sonnax offers the vacuum test stand kit, VACTEST-01K, to help fill this need. Whether you are diagnosing a problem valve body or verifying your remanufacturing process, the Sonnax vacuum test stand kit will be an invaluable tool.

  • Quick, easy testing of valve bores
  • Yields repeatable numerical results for comparison and documentation
  • Anodized finish will stand up to years of use
  • Test stand features high-quality brass needle valves and a built-in test orifice for simple calibration
  • Clear Sonnax test plate and silicone pad ensure easy, securely-sealed testing

PLUS: Sonnax offers a comprehensive collection of vacuum test guides to help you identify valve body areas most prone to wear and the location to test these circuits. Track and record results with Sonnax vacuum test data sheets. Building a testing profile for specific valve bodies will help establish your own pass/fail standards aligned with your customer's needs and shop warranty requirements.

The vacuum test stand is the tool I use daily. Not only does it save me money by replacing only valves that are bad (instead of just replacing boost valves and regulator valves etc. because I know they wear), it also increases quality by finding and fixing the real problems, giving my customers great value and a great product.

W. Dysart
  • Vacuum Test Stand
  • Test Plate
  • Vacuum Plate Sealing Pad
  • Vacuum Test Foam Pad
  • Push-to-Connect Fitting
  • Assorted Testing Tips (6)
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  • Flared Tubing with Flared Nut
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  • Vactest 01k

You need this if...

You are diagnosing and repairing valve bodies and/or need to verify a valve body rebuilding process