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In 1990, Volkswagen introduced the 096 trans-axle in the Corrado & Passat models. In 1992, the 098 transmission was introduced in the Eurovan. In 1994, Audi introduced the 097 transmission. All three of these transmissions use the same valve body.

In 1995, Volkswagen changed the design of these transmissions, thus the name change. The 096 became the 01M. The 097 became the 01N. The 098 became the 01P.

Part Number Chart

Part Number
VW202 1995-1996 01M/01N/01P
VW203 1997-1998 01M/01N/01P
VW204 1999-Later 01M/01N/01P

096/097/098 vs. 01M/01N/01P Identification

096/097/098 01M/01N/01P
096/097/098 are referred to by VBX as 096 & can be ID'ed by a kidney shaped filter hole at the bottom of valve body.

01M/01N/01P are referred to by VBX as 01M & can be ID'ed by a round filter hole at the bottom of valve body.

There are three different 01M valve bodies over the years, plus a Tiptronic variation. For how to identify these versions, see below.

01M Identification


Do not assume that the year code on your valve body core bottom is accurate - the cover could have been replaced by someone else. Use the year indicators below to correctly identify the valve body.

The remanufactured valve body will come back to you with the correct year stamped on the core bottom.

Identify the End Plug at the K1 Actuator Valve

The 1995-1996 01M can be identified by the plastic end plug at the K1 actuator valve. The '97-'98 and the '99-later valve bodies have an aluminum end plug at the K1 actuator valve.
1995 & 1996 1997 & 1998 or 1999-Later. Use one of the methods below to find the exact year.

Identify 01M Casting Changes On Top of the Valve Body
1995 & 1996 1997 & 1998 1999-Later

Find the Last Two Digits of the Year Cast Into the Valve Body
These numbers are hidden by separator plate when attached to the valve body.

01M Tiptronic Identification

Most Volkswagens in the United States that use the 01M transmission are not Tiptronic, however, there is a Tiptronic version of this transmission that is used in other parts of the world. The Tiptronic version of the 01M has different separator plates and the casting is also different.

The Tiptronic and the Non-Tiptronic Versions are NOT interchangeable.

As an assembly both styles look very much alike, even side by side. On the opposite side of the valve body from the EV-6 and DV-7 solenoids, there are three valve bores.

The Tiptronic 01M uses one plastic end plug (RED ARROW), the middle hole is permanently plugged (BLUE ARROW) and the third bore has an aluminum plug with a retaining pin (GREEN ARROW). The Non-Tiptronic 01M has three plastic end plugs as shown above. See RED ARROWS.
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