Toyota/Lexus U140E/F, U240E, U241E Valve Body Identification

Valve Body Xpress

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Part Number Chart

Part Number
'00-'05 without Central Lube Feed
'00-'05 with Central Lube Feed
'06-'12 without Central Lube Feed
'06-'12 with Central Lube Feed

Year Identification

The linear solenoids and connectors changed in 2006. The solenoids are small in diameter and the retaining brackets are no longer permanently attached to the solenoids. In addition, the shape of the connector changed. Look at the red arrows in the photos below to see the differences in the connectors.


Central Lube Feed Identification

The determination of whether or not the valve body contains a central lube feed is critical to the proper function of the valve body, as is the presence of correct solenoids and connectors.

WITHOUT Central Lube Hole on Top Plate of Valve Body
WITH Central Lube Hole on Top Plate of Valve Body

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