Decorative zipper

See what people are saying about Zip Kits:

I installed our first Zip Kit on a U140F, nice kit and additional information. What was really nice: to have at your fingertips the vacuum testing locations and the effects of the wear in that bore. Without this information I might not have vacuum tested and missed this problem. Nice kit, Sonnax."

K. Mumie
Foran's Transmissions
Minersville, PA

We had a 2008 Range Rover diesel 157,500km with drivability issues. We stripped the v/b and fitted all components from Zip Kit, reinstalled v/b, new ATF and new filter, then road tested the vehicle home. Well done, boys, this Range Rover drives 100%. I didn't even reset the adaptation, it drives real good."

S. O'Connor
A & M Gearbox Centre
Dublin, Ireland

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