GM 6T40 & 6T70 Drum Saver Kits

Simply THE END of 3-5-R Failure as You Know It

You can stop worrying about waved plates giving out under warranty when you replace every one with a Sonnax drum saver.

  • Rugged Sonnax waved plate guarantees you THE BEST protection against breakage
  • Accurately position the waved plate and set clutch clearance every time thanks to custom, billet steel plate
  • Quickly and easily restore normal 3-5-R operation, even on drums with damaged splines

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Sonnax drum saver

Watch this video to learn how these simple, affordable kits improve the quality of any 6T40 or 6T70 series rebuild or read all about it in Sonnax tech article GM 6T40 & 6T70 Drum Saver Kits: Unbeatable Protection Against 3-5-R Failures & Comebacks.

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Broken OE components

Prevent Broken Plates

While it is shot peened like the newer OE waved plate, the Sonnax plate has no teeth. That means the most common fatigue point has been eliminated.

Many stress points for the waved plate can be eliminated by shot peening. However, the design of the updated OE plate retains many of the stress points that allow it to break — namely all of the teeth. Take a look at the broken plates shown. These are representative of EVERY broken OE plate Sonnax studied while researching a solution to this problem. Notice they are all separated exactly at a tooth corner? Even OE plates that look OK to the eye can develop micro fractures here and be on the verge of failure.

To prevent breakage, a high-quality plate of a different design is needed that eliminates these stress points once and for all: the Sonnax waved plate.

Salvage Damaged Drums

The waved plate rides perfectly in place on drums with damaged splines — an effective and affordable repair for you and your customers.

Because there are no teeth on the Sonnax waved plate, it can ride near the damaged spline area without interference; there is no danger of hanging up. This is so much faster and easier — not to mention less expensive — than buying a new drum and having to spend time transferring the shaft and piston over. Plus, you've got the best waved plate you can get in there to make sure your rebuild really lasts.

Sonnax drum saver and OE components

Sonnax Drum Saver Kits

Gen. 1 & 2 6T40, 6T45, 6T50 Part No. 144555K

Gen. 1 & 2 6T70, 6T75 Part No. 124555K

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