Start a Rebuild Right by VACUUM TESTING

Better Diagnostics = Better Rebuilds & Fewer Comebacks

Vacuum testing is an efficient way to evaluate transmission wear and the effectiveness of repairs. Sonnax pioneered the use of vacuum testing by recognizing that a worn valve or valve body bore can result in incorrect hydraulic pressures, leading to poor performance or failure of the transmission.

Vacuum testing is...

  • Economical - A vacuum testing station has a low initial cost to set up and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Quick & Easy - It doesn’t take long to become skilled at rapidly testing multiple areas.
  • Quantitative - Testing returns a specific value (inches of mercury) which allows rebuilders to establish pass/fail standards for proper valve body function.
  • Reliable - Test results are accurate and repeatable when routine calibration and basic test procedures are performed.

Get started with the right tools and knowledge from Sonnax!

Vacuum Testing Videos

See how easy it is to identify the root cause of transmission problems by vacuum testing. Sonnax Tech Specialist Jim Dial explains it all in this short, three-part series. Watch now!

Vacuum Test Guides Top 10 Tools Award-Winning

FREE Vacuum Test Guides

  • Learn Locations to Test

    Sonnax has done all the research for you. Vacuum testing guides show exactly where to test to determine if a valve and bore are worn out.

  • Identify Common Transmission Problems

    Valves and common concerns associated with bore wear are clearly identified and described.

  • Select Parts for Repairs

    Find a problem? Recommended Sonnax parts for successful repairs are listed, along with any required tooling.

Vacuum Test Kit Top 10 Tools Award-Winning

Vacuum Test Stand Kit Part No. VACTEST-01K

Start your rebuild right with the Sonnax vacuum test stand kit. It’s essential equipment for accurate, repeatable diagnosis of valve bore wear, and verifying the effectiveness of repairs.

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Vacuum Testing Accessories

Frequent, proper vacuum testing can put money in the bank, improve turnaround time in your bays and prevent comebacks. To help keep your vacuum tester in tip‐top shape, Sonnax now offers individual replacement parts:

Vacuum Test Foam PadVacuum Test Foam Pad
Vacuum Test GaugeVacuum Test Gauge
Vacuum Test TipsVacuum Test Tips
Vacuum Plate Sealing PadVacuum Plate Sealing Pad
Test Plate KitTest Plate Kit
Vacuum Test FittingVacuum Test Fitting

Other Vacuum Test Tools

Solenoid Test Manifold Kit Part No. 95430-VTK

Solenoid Test Manifold Kit

Identify Problem Solenoids Quickly & Cost-Effectively

For use with the Sonnax vacuum test stand, this test kit is a quick, easy and affordable way to verify the internal sealing integrity of ZF6 Gen. 1 and Gen. 2 and some Ford 6R60, 6R75 and 6R80 solenoids.

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Vacuum Test Plate

Vacuum Test Plates

Find Valve Body Problems 2X Faster with Vacuum Test Plates

Each plate seals over the entire valve body, leaving ports open at key test areas. Easy-to-follow instruction guides identify valves, symptoms of wear and the right Sonnax parts for repair.

Test Result Data Sheet

Test Result Data Sheet

Easily record and keep track of your results.

Evaluating test results requires establishing your own pass/fail standards in line with your customer's needs and shop warranty requirements.

Print or download your FREE Sonnax vacuum test data sheet to get started!

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Vacuum Testing

Sonnax experts share full details and recommendations on how to master vacuum testing.

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