Performance Slip Yokes

Quality & Engineering You Can Trust

A Sonnax slip yoke is NEVER the weak link in your driveline. Choose from bushing and roller bearing yokes for dozens of popular applications, every one optimized to drive power smoothly and reliably from transmission to driveshaft.

  • Fully machined from billet steel for enhanced strength & durability
  • Leak-free plug tested to 40 psi for optimum sealing
  • 1330 & 1350 Series yokes are chromoly steel

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Performance Slip Yokes

Excellent Corrosion Protection

Black oxide finish inhibits rust and pitting.

Superior Fit

Clean-cut splines mate smoothly with output shaft.

Exceptional Balance with Minimal Runout

All dimensions are precision machined to guarantee a consistent, concentric slip yoke.

Optimum Sealing & Yoke Movement

Smooth outer journal for uniform contact with seal prevents leaks and promotes proper fore/aft yoke action.

Bushing Style Slip Yoke

Bushing Style

Increase Strength & Durability Without the Premium Cost

Performance Builds

Sonnax slip yokes set the standard for incredible performance and value — a winning combination you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the best way to upgrade high horsepower and torque capacity vehicles running on the street, drag strip or dirt oval track.

For Everyday Drivers

Installing Sonnax yokes in routine transmission builds helps prevent comeback complaints like:

Roller Bearing Style Slip Yoke

Roller Bearing Style

Rock-Solid Reliability for Extreme Racing in Powerglide and TH400 Applications

Proven indestructible in track and street runs plus torture testing in the lab, Sonnax roller bearing slip yokes guarantee you the titanic strength and durability to run even the most extreme horsepower.

  • Forged 4340 chromoly
  • Through-hardened, tempered barrel
  • Unique Sonnax design increases strength in critical areas
  • Use with single- or double-roller bearings
Why go with a roller bearing slip yoke?

Slip yokes found in many common applications run on a bushing inside the transmission tail housing. High-horsepower builds often use a roller bearing instead, so upgrading to a roller bearing yoke is a must — not only for proper fitment, but to guarantee the barrel is hard enough to avoid damage from the bearings. Plus, once you’ve reached that power level, you want a rugged yoke designed to handle it, not a bushing-style yoke that becomes a weak link in your driveline.

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