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Sonnax’s innovative approach to design and manufacturing allows this venerable old transmission to thrive even as power and speeds steadily increase. Sonnax offers top-of-the line, proven solutions for aluminum Powerglide transmissions at any level of racing, and is the gold standard for circle track and bracket vehicles as well as the fastest door slammers running. To achieve a winning match of quality and performance, trust Sonnax to help you cross the finish line!

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From the Bench:
Building the High Horsepower Powerglide

Get an inside look at what goes into an extreme drag racing build with Sonnax performance expert Gregg Nader. From shaft to servo, learn how every component is optimized to work together for unrivaled transmission performance and durability.

Lead Sled Lea Levels Up Her Powerglide

Named one of the 2019 Hottest Women in Drag Racing by Drag Illustrated, Lea Ochs and her iconic Lead Sled Resurrection wagon are hitting the big time with a custom build from one of the sport’s top performance specialists: Wendell Dunaway. Get the story on this incredible team and how Sonnax upgrades transformed her Powerglide into a rock-solid transmission ready to run the Lead Sled’s big power.

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Driver Lea Ochs and custom transmission builder Wendell Dunaway

The Lead Sled Resurrection’s cutting-edge Powerglide gets two big thumbs up from driver Lea Ochs and custom transmission builder Wendell Dunaway of Mr. Wendell’s Motorsports fame.

Sonnax high performance products meet the toughest challenges faced by hard-working, daily-use drivetrains as well as racing units going all-out on the street or track.

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