Performance Aluminum Tubing & Yokes

Sonnax aluminum driveline components

The Industry’s Best Driveline Components

Sonnax is America’s #1 source for aluminum aftermarket driveshaft components, every piece made to exacting quality standards you can trust.

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Enhances Drivetrain Strength, Performance & Durability
  • Uniquely Engineered for Fast, Easy Assembly & Welding
  • Precision-Machined to Deliver Long-Lasting, Trouble-Free Performance
Sonnax aluminum driveline components
09 15 cts v 6l80 example build

See how some popular driveline performance builds come together with Sonnax components to add an unbeatable, one-piece driveshaft to street rod/hot rod, muscle car and light/heavy-duty truck applications.

Example Builds
Splined stub and sleeve kits car

3.5" & 4" Splined Stub & Sleeve Kits

Solve All Your Modern Driveshaft Problems

Whether you want to increase strength and durability or easily adapt a modern powertrain into any custom build, Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits do it all.

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5" Heavy-Duty Driveline Components

5 in heavy duty driveline components build

Eliminate the Weak Link in Truck Drivelines

Meet the toughest demands of today’s light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks with Sonnax 5" splined stub and sleeve kits, tubing, weld yokes and flange yokes. These top-quality, precision-machined driveshaft components guarantee unrivaled performance and ease of assembly.

  • Improve Strength & Durability
  • Customize Driveshaft Length
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Serviceability
  • Eliminate Takeoff Shudder
5 in heavy duty driveline components build

Why Convert from a Two-Piece to One-Piece Driveline

Ford, Dodge and Chevy trucks often suffer driveline failure at the carrier bearing where their two-piece driveshafts connect. The carrier bearing is one of the weakest links and highest maintenance costs associated with heavy, steel drivelines, especially in vehicles with added power. High-wear items like CV-joints also are a constant worry and expense.

Sonnax 5" aluminum tubing and yokes pair perfectly to replace troublesome two-piece driveshafts with a one-piece shaft for enhanced strength, durability and improved torque yields.

Convert From This…

Two-Piece Driveshaft with Carrier Bearing

Two piece 5 in driveshaft

…To This!

One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

One piece 5 in aluminum driveshaft

5" Splined Stub & Sleeve Kit

A Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kit makes it easy to build, balance and service an upgraded driveline ideal for Ford trucks — including Super Duty — and other light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Sonnax 3.5" and 4" splined stub and sleeve kits also are available to upgrade a wide variety of modern muscle car and custom street rod/hot rod applications. Learn More

Customized, Slip-Style Driveline

The Sonnax yoke/stub shaft uses a conventional U-joint, and the sleeve welds easily onto the end of an aluminum tube customizable to almost any length. This one-piece driveshaft configuration replaces European-style, CV-joint driveshafts and two-piece driveshafts with carrier bearings.

Perfectly Fitted Stub & Sleeve Components

Driveshaft builders appreciate the precision design and manufacturing of Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits. Each component is perfectly matched to ensure unrivaled fitment and easy balancing. There is FAR less risk of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Sonnax 3.5" and 4" splined stub and sleeve kits also are available to upgrade a wide variety of modern muscle car and custom street rod/hot rod applications. Learn More

5" Tubing

Sonnax 5" tubing from Kaiser® features a .125" thick wall for torque yields of up to 10,245 ft-lb — almost 2X stronger than thinner OE .083" or .065" thick tubing. It’s the best foundation for a rugged driveshaft that’s also easy to build and balance.

5 in tubing torque yields

5" Weld Yokes & Flange Yokes

Sonnax yokes are precision machined from billet aluminum to be stronger than OE cast yokes and designed for exceptional balance with minimal runout.

5" Example Builds

Ford super duty 05 16 example build

See how some popular 5" performance driveshaft builds for light- and heavy-duty trucks come together with Sonnax components.

Ford F-150

Ford Super Duty ’05–’16

Chevy Duramax

Dodge Cummins
Ford super duty 05 16 example build

From street to strip, on road and off, trust Sonnax driveshaft components to enhance drivetrain strength, performance and durability

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