Zip Valve

Best-in-class, drop-in repair for common shift problems.

When you need or want a no-ream solution for common shift problems, Zip Valves are the answer.

  • 350+ offerings covering 200+ transmissions
  • Quickly address & correct the root cause of common complaints
  • Easy-to-install components, with quality & performance that can’t be beat
  • Wide range of choices, from single valves to comprehensive Zip Kits
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Find Zip Valves & Zip Kits for Your Build

See What Makes Sonnax Zip Valves a Cut Above

Cutting edge features

Overcome Chronic Transmission Problems

Cutting-edge features like added seals, sleeves and extended lands address the root cause of hydraulic problems, so you can fix — rather than mask — chronic problems.

Make Long-Lasting Repairs

Zip Valves are precision manufactured from the finest materials to guarantee reliable performance and keep the comebacks away.

Zip valve sleeve

Hardcoat anodized aluminum valves and highly wear-resistant, billet aluminum sleeves provide extra protection against future wear.

Zip valve valve

Putting a steel valve in an aluminum bore invites leakage at operating temperature because the metals expand at different rates. Zip Valves avoid this by only using steel when the OE design calls for it.

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Choose from Hundreds of Drop-In Parts

From regulating valves, end plugs and accumulator pistons to comprehensive valve body rebuild kits, more than 350 Zip Valve products are available for a huge range of transmissions.