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Makes Name
VW/Audi 010 O10 vw101 vwO10
VW/Audi 096 O96 vwO96 vw096 AG4
VW/Audi 096 LU (01M) O96 vwO96 lockup o1m vwo1m vw096 LU vw01M
VW/Audi 09A o9a vwo9a vw09A
Allison 1000/2000/2400, 2006-Later 1000 2000 2400 06
Allison 1000/2000/2400, 2006-Later, Multi-Plate Performance Converter with multiplate 1000 2000 2400 1000/2000/2400, 2006-Later w/ Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
Allison 1000/2000/2400, Early 1000 2000 2400
Allison 1000/2000/2400, Early, Multi-Plate Performance Converter with multiplate 1000 2000 2400 1000/2000/2400, Early w/ Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
Chrysler 10-3/4" LU lockup 518 46RE 46RH
Chrysler 10-3/4" LU Late Production lockup
Chrysler 10-3/4" NLU non-lockup
Chrysler 10", 41TE & 42LE
Chrysler 10" LU lockup
BorgWarner 11" Industrial
GM 125 NLU non-lockup nonlockup
Mitsubishi 175
Mitsubishi 175 & 176
Mitsubishi 175-5 & 177 (CT-12) 175.5 1755 CT12
Mitsubishi 175-5 & 177 (CT-12-1) 175.5 1755 CT121
Mitsubishi 176
Mitsubishi 177 NLU non-lockup nonlockup
GM 245mm LU (3T40, 3L30, 200C, 4T60-E, 4L60 & E:S-10 only) 4T60E, 4L60E, S10 lockup 4l60 245
GM 245mm LU Euro (5L40-E) 5L40E lockup 5l40 245
GM 258mm (Captive Clutch)
GM 258mm LU (4L60-E, 5L40-E) 4l60E, 5L40E lockup 4l60 5l40 258
GM 258mm LU (4T65-E) 4T65E lockup 4t65 258
GM 265mm LU (4T60-E, 4T80-E) 4T60E,4T80E lockup 4t60 4t80 265
GM 280mm LU (4L60-E) “VJCX” 4L60E, lockup, 280, 4l60
GM 298mm LU (250C, 350C, 200-4R, 4L60 & E) 4L60E lockup 298 4l60 250-c 350-c 2004r
GM 300mm (4L60-E) 4l60e, 4L60E, 4l 300 millimeter
Renault/Peugot 3-4 Speed, FWD
GM 350 th350
GM 350C 350-c
BorgWarner 35 & 65, 11"
GM 400 (3L80), AT-540 AT540
Aisin AW 450-43LE 45043LE, aw450-43le aw45043le aw, aw45043le, aw450-43le
Chrysler 45RFE, 545RFE 45r 545r 45RF-E, 545RF-E
Subaru 4EAT
Mazda 4EAT-F (Escort '96-Later) 4EATF
Mazda 4EAT-G 4EATG
Ford 4F27E (Focus) 4F27-E 4F27
Ford 4F50N (AX4N) 4F50
GM 4L60 (700-R4), 4L60-E, 200-4R (298mm NLU) Performance Converter 10" Racekit GM 4L60
GM 4L60 (700-R4), 4L60-E, 200-4R (298mm) Single Plate Performance Converter (Mounting Ring) 4L60E lockup 4l60 298 ten inch 10" Racekit GM 4L60 & E, 298mm LU (Mounting Ring)
GM 4L60 (700-R4), 4L60-E (298mm), Multi-Plate Performance Converter
GM 4L60-E (298mm), Single-Plate Performance Converter 4L60E lockup 298 4l60 ten inch 10" Racekit GM 4L60-E, 298mm LU
GM 4L60-E (300mm), Single-Plate Performance Converter 4L60E lockup 4l60 300 ten inch 10" Racekit GM 4L60-E, 300mm LU
GM 4L60-E (300mm), Single-Plate Performance Converter (Mounting Ring) 4L60E lockup 4l60 300 ten inch 10" Racekit GM 4L60-E, 300mm LU (Mounting Ring)
GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L75-E (300mm), Multi-Plate Performance Converter
GM 4L80-E, 4L85-E, Multi-Plate Performance Converter 4L80E, 4L85E
GM 4L80-E, 4L85-E, Single-Plate Performance Converter (Mounting Ring) 4L80E 10" Racekit GM 4L80-E
GM 4L80-E (Dual Stator) 4L80E
GM 4L80-E (Early Single Stator) 4L80E
GM 4L80-E (Late Single Stator) 4L80E
Ford 4R100 4r-100 4r100e
Ford 4R55E 4R55
Ford 4R55E, 5R55E Late Production 4R55 5R55
Aisin AW 55-50SN AW55-50,AF22,AF23,AF22/23,RE5F22A,5550SN,re5, 5550, 55/50, aw55/50
BorgWarner 55, 9-1/2"
Ford 5R110W, 6-Stud 5R110 6 stud
Ford 5R110W, 6-Stud, Multi-Plate Performance Converter 5R110 6 stud multiplate 5R110W, 6-Stud with Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
Ford 5R110W, 8-Stud 5R110 8 stud
Ford 5R110W, 8-Stud, Multi-Plate Performance Converter 5R110 8 stud multiplate 5R110W, 8-Stud with Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
Ford 5R55N, S, W 5R55
Chrysler 62TE 62T-E 62T
Chrysler 66RFE 66RF-E 66RF
Chrysler 68RFE 68R 68RF-E 68RF
Chrysler 68RFE Multi-Plate Performance Converter with multiplate
Ford 6F35 6f35e
Ford 6F50/6F55 6f50 6f55
GM 6L45 (310mm)
GM 6L45/6L50
GM 6L80 (258mm)
GM 6L80 (300mm), Single-Plate Performance Converter ten inch 6l80e 300 10" Racekit GM 6L80, 300mm
GM 6L80, 6L90 (300mm) 6l90e 6l80e 300
GM 6L80, 6L90 (JMBX), Multi-Plate Performance Converter
GM 6L90 (Captive Clutch) 6l90e
Ford 6R140 Torqushift 6, Torqueshift 6, Torque shift six, torqu
Ford 6R60, 6R75W 6R60e, 6R75W
Ford 6R80, 260mm (Late) 6r80e 260
Ford 6R80, 280mm (Early) 6r80e 280
Ford 6R80, 280mm (Late) 6r80e 280
GM 6T30 6t30, 6t-30, 6T-30
GM 6T40/6T45, 236mm 6t40 6t45 6t40/45 236
GM 6T70/6T75
Mercedes 722.4 (W4A-020) mercedes 722
Mercedes 722.6, 722.9 mercedes 722
Mercedes 722.8 mercedes 722
Mercedes 722.9 (Late) code 222, stamped 222, mercedes 722
Chrysler 727, 10-3/4" NLU Performance Converter 10" Racekit Chrysler 727
BorgWarner 8 & 12, 11"
GM 8L45
GM 8L90
Chrysler 904, 10-3/4" NLU Performance Converter 10" Racekit Chrysler 904
Chrysler 9-1/2" LU lockup
Chrysler 9-1/2" NLU non-lockup nonlockup
Toyota/Lexus A130 A130e
Toyota/Lexus A140 A140e
Toyota/Lexus A340H A340-H A340
Toyota/Lexus A43DE, DL A43DEDL A43D-E A43D
Toyota/Lexus A440F A440 A440-F A44oF
Toyota/Lexus A440L A44oL A440 A440-L
Toyota/Lexus A442F A442-F A442
Toyota/Lexus A44D a44 a44-d
Aisin Seiki A465, AS68RC
Hyundai/Kia A4CF1, A4CF2 A4CF1/F2 A4CF1e, A4CF2e a4
Ford A4LD
Ford A4LD Multi-Plate multiplate
Toyota/Lexus A540E A540 A540-E
Toyota/Lexus A541E A541-E A541
Hyundai/Kia A5HF1 A5HF A5HF-1 A5HF1e a5
BorgWarner, Chrysler A618, 47RH/RE, 48RE (310mm) Multi-Plate Performance Converter lockup BW borg warner mulitplate 310 BorgWarner 310mm LU (A618, 47RH/RE, 48RE), BorgWarner 310mm LU with Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
Hyundai/Kia A6F24 A6F24e a6
Hyundai/Kia A6GF1 A6
Hyundai/Kia A6LF3 A6LF3e a6
Hyundai/Kia A6MF1 A6MF-1 A6MF A6MF1e a6
Hyundai/Kia A6MF2 A6MF A6MF-2 a6 A6MF2e
Toyota/Lexus A750E A750-E A750
Toyota/Lexus A760E 760, a760
Toyota/Lexus A860E
Toyota/Lexus A960E/F (TB-65SN) a960e a960f tb-65sn a960 tb65sn a960 a960-e a960-f
Toyota/Lexus AB60E/F AB60E ab60F AB60-E ab60-f ab60
GM AHS-T (2ML70) AHST 2M-L70
Ford AODE, 4R70W, 4R75W 4R70 A0DE, 4R7oW
Ford AODE, 4R70W Performance Converter aode lu 4R70 10" Racekit Ford AODE, 4R70W Lockup
Ford AOD Performance Converter a0d 10" Racekit Ford AOD
Honda/Acura AS
Aisin Seiki AS69RC
Allison AT-500 AT500
Ford ATX LU lockup
Ford AX4S, AX4N (4F50N) ax4
Honda/Acura B36A/P36A, Odyssey '07-'09 B36A P36A , 2007 2009
Honda/Acura B7TA, B7VA, B7YA
Honda/Acura BGRA/PGRA, Odyssey '05-'07 2005 2007 honda bgra pgra
BorgWarner Bolted Aluminum
BorgWarner, Chrysler BorgWarner 310mm LU (A618, 47RH/RE, 48RE) lockup BW 48 re borg warner 47RH RE 310
BorgWarner, Chrysler BorgWarner 310mm NLU non-lockup nonlockup BW borg warner 310 millimeter
Other Import BTR
GM Buick 350
Ford C3, C4 10-1/4" (no ring gear) c-3, c-4
Ford C4, 10-1/4" (with ring gear) c-4
Ford C4, 10" or 11" Performance Converter c-4 10" Racekit Ford C4 10" & 12"
Ford C4, 11" Performance Converter c-4 10" Racekit Ford C4 11"
Ford C4, C6, FMX 12", C4 11-1/4" c-4, c-6
Ford C5 c-5
Ford C6 Performance Converter c-6 10" Racekit Ford C6
Ford CD4E, 9-1/4" & 10-1/4" CD4-E CD4
Ford CD4E, 9-1/4" (3.0L & 2.3L) CD4-E CD4
Ford CFT30 ford CVT cft-30 cft
GM Chevy 350
Allison CRT 3000 crt3000
Renault/Peugot DP2 & AT8
Renault/Peugot DPO & AL4, 2005-Later dp0
Renault/Peugot DPO & AL4, Early dp0
Ford E4OD e40d
Jatco F10 FWD forward
Jatco F3A
Honda/Acura F4
Mitsubishi F4A22 & F4A23
Mitsubishi F4A33
Mitsubishi F4A41, 42, 52 F4A42, F4A52 A41, A42, A52 f4-A41, f4-A42, f4-A52
Mitsubishi F4A42
Mitsubishi F4/R4A51, F5/R5A51 F4A51, F5A51 R4A51, R5A51
Ford FNR5 (FS5A-EL)
Mazda G4A-EL & 4EAT-G, L/S G4AEL, 4EATG
Mazda G4A-EL, Late Production G4AEL
Mazda G4A-HL G4AHL
Allison HD 4000 Series hd4000
Other Import Holden
Honda/Acura Honda Miscellaneous
Multiple Applications HP Miscellaneous
Allison HT-700 HT700
Jatco Jatco Miscellaneous
Jatco, Nissan JF010E (RE0F09A) RE0F09A, REOFO9A, JF-010E, JF010, JFo1oE, jf10
Jatco, Nissan JF011E (RE0F10A) RE0F10A, REOF1OA, REOF10A, jf011, cvt, ct2, cvt-2, F1C1, F1CJA
Jatco, Nissan JF015E (RE0F11A) jfo15e re0f11a jatco nissan
Jatco JF403 JF403e
Jatco JF506E (09A) JF506-E o9A JF506
Jatco JF506E (with sensor ring) JF506-E JF506
Jatco JR403E, RG4R01A JR4o3E, RG4Ro1A JR403, RG4R01
Jatco L3N71B L3N7iB
Jatco L4N71B RWD L4N7iB rear wheel drive
Allison LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch) 1000/2000/2400 2010-later 10-later 10-up
Allison LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch) Multi-Plate Performance Converter allison
Allison MD 3000 Series md3000
Honda/Acura MDKA, MDRA (MDX)
Industrial Units Miscellaneous Components
Multiple Applications Miscellaneous Friction Items
Honda/Acura MPYA
Honda/Acura MT4A (MDX) hondaMT4A, hondaMDX, mt4ae
Allison MT-600 MT600
GM Powerglide power glide Powerglide®
GM Powerglide, 350, 400, 10" Performance Converter power glide ten inch
GM Powerglide, 350, 400, 10" Performance Converter (Mounting Ring) Powerglide® power glide ten inch 10" Racekit GM Powerglide, 350, 400 (Mounting Ring)
GM Powerglide 350, 400, 8" Performance Converter 8" Racekit GM 350 & 400
Jatco R4A-EL R4AEL DA820 DA8B da-8b
Subaru R4AX-EL (SU-16) R4AXEL, SU16 R4-AXEL, SU-16
Subaru R4AX-EL (SU-19) R4AXEL, SU19 R4AX-EL, SU-19
Jatco RE4F04A/V (DA-37,DA-39;DA39) DA37 da39 RE4F04A RE4F04AV RE4F04A RE4F04V RE4Fo4A RE4Fo4V re4
Jatco, Nissan RE4R01A RE4Ro1A re4
Subaru RE4R01A (Subaru) RE-4R01A 4R01A
Jatco RE4R03A, 250mm RE4Ro3A, 250 RE4
Jatco RE4R03A, 280mm (DA-30;DA30) re4 RE4Ro3A, 280 DA-30 DA30
Jatco, Nissan RE5R05A RE5RO5A RE5RO5A RE5-05A RE5-r05A, re5
Jatco RE7R01A (JR710E) re7 RE7Ro1A JR71oE jr710
Multiple Applications Renewal Rings
Jatco RL3F01A FWD (DA-6;DA6) rl3 RL3Fo1A forward DA-6 DA6
Jatco RL4F02A (DA-11;DA11) RL4Fo2A rl4
Jatco RL4F02A (DA-13;DA13) RL4Fo2A DA-13 DA13 rl4
Jatco RL4F02A (DA-42) DA42 RL4 RL4Fo2A
Jatco RL4F03A (DA-28; DA28) RL4 RL4Fo3A
Jatco RN3F01A (DA-10;DA10) RN3Fo1A DA10 da-10 RN3
Other Import Saab
GM Saturn TAAT
GM Saturn VTi-CVT
Aisin AW TF-60SN (VW 09G) TF60SN, VW09G, awTF60SN, awtf-60sn
Aisin AW TF-80SC tf80sc, AM6, AF40, TF-80, AF40/6, TF-80, awtf-80, awTF80SC, awTF-80SC
Aisin AW TF-81SC (Ford AF21) TF81SC, aw, awTF-81SC, awTF81SC TF81, TF-81
Toyota/Lexus Toyota Miscellaneous
Aisin AW, VW/Audi TR-60SN (VW 09D), Captive Clutch TR60SN, aw, awTR-60SN VW09D Captive-Clutch, awTR60SN
Aisin AW, VW/Audi TR-60SN (VW 09D), Non-Captive Clutch awTR60SN awTR-60SN VW09D Non-Captive-Cutch
Subaru TR690, TR580
Aisin AW, VW/Audi TR-80SD (0C8) awTR-80SD (0C8) oc8 aw, TR80SD, awTR80SD
Aisin AW, VW/Audi TR-80SD (0C8) Captive Clutch
Toyota/Lexus U140E u140
Toyota/Lexus U151E U151 U151-E
Toyota/Lexus U250E U250-E U250
Toyota/Lexus U341E U341-E U341
Aisin AW, Toyota/Lexus U440E (AW 80/81-40LE) Toyota U440E, u440, AW80 aw8140LE aw81-40LE
Toyota/Lexus U660E U660-E U660
Toyota/Lexus U760E (TM-60LS) U760-E U760 TM60LS
Mitsubishi V4A51 v4a-51
Mitsubishi W4A51 W4-A51
Allison XTG 250-A 250A XTG250-A XTG250A
Allison XTG 411-2A 4112A XTG4112A
ZF ZF4HP16 zf4 4hp16
ZF ZF4HP18 zf4 4HP18
ZF ZF4HP22, A999 zf4 4HP22
ZF ZF4HP24 zf4 4HP24
ZF ZF5HP19 (Captive Clutch) zf5 5HP19
ZF ZF5HP19 (Single Friction) 5hp19, zf5
ZF ZF5HP24 zf5, 5hp24
ZF ZF5HP30 zf5 5HP30
ZF ZF6HP19, 245mm zf6 6HP19 245
ZF ZF6HP19, 245mm (LuK) ZF6HP19, 6HP19, 6HP19 245 zf6
ZF ZF6HP19, 255mm ZF6 6HP19 255
ZF ZF6HP21, 245mm (LuK) ZF6HP21, 6HP21, 6HP21 245
ZF ZF6HP26, 255mm 6hp26 zf6 255
ZF ZF6HP26, 260mm 6hp26 zf6 260
ZF ZF6HP26, 275mm 6hp26 zf6 275
ZF ZF6HP26, 280mm zf6 6hp26 280
ZF ZF6HP28 zf6 6HP28
ZF ZF8HP45 zf8 8hp45
ZF ZF8HP55 zf8 8HP55
ZF ZF9HP48 (948TE)
ZF ZF Miscellaneous