Power Train Savers®

Stop axle, differential and driveshaft damage with lifetime drivetrain over-torque protection!

Power Train Savers® are patented drivetrain protection devices which mount into an existing driveshaft. Once installed, these unique devices protect the drivetrain from over-torque damage that can ruin differentials, gears, axles and driveshafts.

With a Power Train Saver unit installed, you won't notice a difference in performance until you encounter an over-torque situation. Then, our precisely calibrated Torque Fuses shear before drivetrain damage occurs, while the unit design holds the driveshaft in place.

Watch this video to learn how Power Train Savers can help you:

  • Prevent damage to gears and driveshafts
  • Avoid costly repairs to drivetrain components
  • Eliminate roadside and repair shop downtime
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