Inner Damper Spring
Part No. CH-SD-2

Sonnax offers inner damper spring CH-SD-2 for Chrysler 68RFE converters. The damper limit stops in the 68RFE allow a longer than normal angular rotation, which places severe stress on these springs, causing them to fail even in low-mileage vehicles. Even if the OE springs look good, there is no easy way to tell if they are about to fail. Fortunately, it is easy to remove both outer and inner damper springs with a small screwdriver; no disassembly of the damper is needed. However, rivets are available for those wanting to disassemble the unit to clean it thoroughly. When rebuilding this unit, refresh the damper assembly with eight each of Sonnax outer damper spring CH-SD-1 and inner damper spring CH-SD-2.

  • Replaces worn and broken damper springs
  • 5% More damper torque than OE springs
  • Improved material withstands torque and fatigue more effectively
  • No damper disassembly required
  • Wire Dia.: 0.103"
  • Length: 2.018"
  • Outer Dia.: 0.556"

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  • 68RFE Inner Damper Spring CH-SD-2