722.6, 722.9

Pressure Plate
Part No. MB-CP-4K

Sonnax .156" thick pressure plate MB-CP-4K is as an option for more easily setting the correct clutch release clearance in Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9 converters. Typically this clearance should be .008"–.010" per friction plate. Incorrect clutch release clearance may result in cold start issues, delayed TCC engagement and premature wear of the friction clutch lining. Excessive clearance in units with an aluminum piston may result in a clutch engagement flare due to the piston bottoming on the inner friction plate hub.

Additional options for setting clutch release clearance include Sonnax .142" thick pressure plate MB-CP-12, .116" thick retaining ring MB-SR-3, .104" thick retaining ring MB-SR-2 and the .089" thick OE retaining ring. These retaining ring and pressure plate options all work with the OE and Sonnax friction plates MB-CP-7KBW and steel plates MB-CP-3KR.

  • Selective .156" thickness helps set correct clutch release thickness
  • Sized to work with Sonnax retaining rings MB-SR-2, MB-SR-3 and the OE retaining ring
  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 0.156"
  • Inner Dia.: 5.630"
  • Outer Dia.: 7.283"

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  • 722.6, 722.9 Pressure Plate MB-CP-4K