722.6, 722.9

Front Cover Hub
Part No. MB-HB-1K

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The Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9 front cover has long had problems with broken and worn aluminum center hubs. Sonnax steel front cover hub MB-HB-1K is far superior in that it will not crack like the OE cast aluminum hub does. Improvements also have been made by adding a bimetal bushing and lip seal, two common and well-proven methods of piloting and sealing turbine shafts. Instructions are provided to machine the cover and weld the new Sonnax hub in place.

  • Replaces broken or worn OE aluminum front cover hub
  • Durable billet steel construction
  • Bimetal bushing resists wear
  • Lip seal improves lockup pressure sealing
  • Comes with bushing and seal already installed

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  • 722.6, 722.9 Front Cover Hub MB-HB-1K