Stator Cap Kit
Part No. MZ-WA-11K

Replace the OE aluminum thrust washer in Subaru 4EAT and Mazda G4A-HL converters with Sonnax stator cap adapter kit MZ-WA-11K. The kit’s graphite-filled Vespel® thrust washer has a lower coefficient of friction and increased wear resistance to withstand rougher surface finishes than either aluminum or bimetal thrust washers.

  • Aluminum Adapter
  • Vespel® Thrust Washer
  • Material: Vespel®
  • Outer Notch Count: 4
  • Outer Dia.: 3.366"
  • Inner Dia.: 2.008"
  • Total Thickness: 0.236"
  • Functional Thickness: 0.208"

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  • 4EAT, G4A-HL Stator Cap Kit MZ-WA-11K