• Damaged case
  • Retaining ring pops out of groove
  • No Reverse
  • No Manual 1st
  • Reverse slip


Existing retaining rings are not strong enough to withstand slight radial movement of the pressure plate, which walks the retaining ring out of its groove.


Replace the low/reverse retaining ring with the heavy duty Sonnax version, which is wider and stiffer than other rings and provides more outward spring tension to stay securely seated in the case groove.


Low/Reverse Retaining Ring
Part No. 36885

Increased width and tension

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A common failure in the Ford 5R110W occurs when the low/reverse retaining ring pops out of the case groove, causing slips in Reverse and severe damage to the case lugs. When moving in Reverse, the pressure plate can have some radial movement in the case. This movement walks the retaining ring out of its groove. Sonnax low/reverse retaining ring 36885 is wider and slightly thicker, providing more outward tension than other available replacement rings. The increased tension and extra stiffness help keep the ring seated securely in the case groove. This retaining ring can be used in both gas and diesel applications.

  • Increased outward tension prevents retaining ring from walking out of groove
  • Direct replacement
  • Replaces both waved (gas) and flat (diesel) OE designs
  • 5R110W Low/Reverse Retaining Ring 36885