• Excess axial play in the main bearing pockets
  • Worn bearing housing
  • Noise concerns


Wear in the bearing housing creates excessive endplay resulting in a vairiety of noise concerns and additional stess on related components. 


Sonnax shim kit reduces bearing/shaft endplay, restoring normal function with reduced stress and noise levels. 

BorgWarner 4405, BorgWarner 4411

Shim Kit
Part No. 100567A-01K

Main Bearing

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Borg Warner 4405 and 4411 transfer cases often exhibit a variety of noise or engagement issues. Sonnax shim kit 100567A-01K includes two sets of shims to reduce bearing/shaft endplay and reduce stress on internal components.

  • Rear Output Bearing Shims (4)
  • Front Input Bearing Shims (4)
  • BorgWarner 4405, BorgWarner 4411 Shim Kit 100567A-01K